Friday, January 4, 2013

Some Assembly Required.

The idea for this blog ignited two and half years ago, at a bar, over Jack & Cokes.  I had been single for quite some time, partially my own doing as I was finishing grad school and mending a severely broken heart, and partially due to the ridiculous dating cards fate had dealt me.  A hopeless romantic at heart, I was finding less and less of the Prince Charming character and more and more of a Larry the Cable Guy.  Not to mention, I was living in an attic.  The ceilings in my attic abode were barely tall enough for my 6 foot 0 inch frame to stand upright.  I had to align perfectly with the center pitch of the roof to stand, but even then I had to duck out of the way of the row of  track lighting that illuminated the dwelling space.  With that being said, the attic space was not the most conducive to hosting any sort of date night, unless the lucky guest peaked at a comfortable 5'6".  However, really short guys creep me out and I have a thing for taller, blacker, men...who tended to measure more about 6'1"-6'5".

More often than not, I was finding myself in incredibly ridiculous situations (feel free to reference back to any of the posts from the past 2 years).  After any given date night or stint being 'involved' with someone, I would report to my friends on everything that went wrong, how and why it went wrong, and the next one I'd have lined up for the weekend.  Enter And Frankly.  Blogging about each experience became a way for me to share with many people - alright, with about 10 people- what happened and the humor I found in it.  Surely, I am not the only one who had to date every dud in the tri-county area and of course there has to be at least one person reading who can relate.  Furthermore, if I am an expert at anything, it is making fun of myself.  Dubbing myself as Nashville's own Carrie Bradshaw, I actually may have found writing out each situation a bit therapeutic.

My dates did not know that I would blog about how awful they were at dinner, or the stupid shit they said and propositioned me with, or even the aerobatics they'd try out in the bedroom. On the occasion that they did find out about the blog, I'd chalk it up as collateral damage.  It as no different than me venting over 2 for 1 beers to my friends, and in my blog I always use nicknames.

Well it is now four days into the new year, and I am eight and a half months into a relationship with Jambo.  After having met Jambo over margaritas, nothing terribly crazy happened, and I took a break from the blog.  I was no longer going on dates with random people, being confronted in bars, or receiving inappropriate messages in my Plenty of Fish mailbox.  I actually thought I had nothing more to write about.  As excited as I was to have met someone, I did not think writing about it would translate as well to an audience.

In all actuality, my life is just as ridiculous now with Jambo as it was when I were single.  Although I am no longer a single guy attempting a dating life, I am a guy attempting a life in a relationship.  Keep in mind, I've not been in a serious relationship in YEARS, and there is no instruction manual for this.  I have grown up quite a bit since my last beau, but I still have a ton of growing up to do.  More often than not, I am not the sophisticated and cultured young professional man that I like to think I am, but every bit of the naive fool who used the tag line "The Lord Made Me Hard To Handle" on  Being in a relationship will prove to be just as exciting as being single was;  I still drink and swear way more than I need to, I'm sure I'll forget anniversaries, I will be incredibly selfish when it comes to many things that need to be shared and I'll certainly clam up the first time the L word is used.  And no matter how mundane I may become, I always have a stock pile of stories to tell about Holly.

My fans requested my return, I actually have received a couple of messages asking why I haven't posted, and I also received a Paper Plate Award from the Grizzlies' Holiday Party that implied I was suffering from writer's block.  I have plenty of things to write about, after all, I've been on sabbatical for the past several months, and frankly, you haven't seen the last of me.

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