Monday, August 13, 2012

Gutter Ball

Last night a group of friends gathered to celebrate KerBear's birthday.  All of us being twenty-something year olds (give or take a couple of years here and there), we decided there would be no better way to celebrate than to have a Bowling Bash at our local Dave & Buster's.

I would not normally hangout at D&B's, especially on a Sunday adult arcades somewhat creep me out...and at this particular location (which is in an outlet mall), I'm pretty sure if you wear anything Mossy Oak and/or have an ankle tether, you get 500 extra prize tickets.  However, options for bowling alleys are somewhat limited around here, if we were to head up the street into Madison to bowl, we'd run the risk of being shot, shanked, or contracting D&B's it was!

We all laced up our fashion forward rental shoes, and I hiked up my neon socks.  Stahlrus used to be a bit of a bowling phenom back in the day, and KerBear and Benny can be fiercely competitive....I also may have racked up a few bowling trophies of my own during the summer of 1993.

KyKy and JDawg (not to be confused with JBomb) were also in attendance, as was BMG...but I knew they'd be no competition for us seasoned veterans.

Bowling got underway, and everyone was stepping their game up.  Things were getting pretty intense and cut throat.

About halfway through the evening, the server walks up to BMG and asks if he is single, as there is another sever in the vicinity who thought BMG was cute and wanted to pass along his number to him.  Blushing, and ever so gracefully, BMG accepts the piece of receipt paper with the mystery man's digits written on it, and we all began scanning the alleys to see who sent it over.  The server then goes on to explain that the man in question is quite shy and has stepped away for a moment, but she would be sure to send him over to say hello before the night ended.  It is always flattering to be noticed from afar, and BMG is quite attractive...and suddenly giddy like a school girl at a Hello Kitty convention.

Within minutes, the server returns and says there has been a mistake.  The Man Server had actually intended for the Woman Sever to give me his phone number, not BMG.


At this point, BMG and I have yet to see this man's face, but now found ourselves in the middle of quite the scandal.  KerBear was shocked that D&B's had suddenly turned into Tribe, but to me it seemed a bit more like a Craig's List missed connection.

Although Jambo was not in attendance with us, I had to explain I was not on the market....especially not the outlet mall bowling alley market.  I was hoping this was not too huge a blow to BMG's ego, as it sure is not fun to be hit on and then shot down by the same person all within a matter of 7 minutes.  He could still have the number...I didn't need it!  Plus, we were all confused as to how the Woman Server could have made such a critical error...what exactly were the delivery directions given to her?  BMG and I are both tall with dark hair and dashingly good looks, but we were dressed nothing alike, after all...I had these snazzy things on:

I really feel like my knee-high neon socks should have been the major focal point as to which of us the Man Server was pointing out.

It wasn't long before Benny was able to deduce who the phone number actually belonged to, but now things were strange and awkward all around.  Our whole group was able to finally get a glimpse of the mystery man server, and BMG and I started to play hot potato with the receipt paper...turns out, neither one of us wanted to take his phone number.

KerBear's Bowling Birthday Bash came to an end, each of us left with whom we came with, and frankly the Mystery Man was clearly a gutter ball.

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  1. Your blog is and has always been enormously and bear-ishly humorous and entertaining! I'm so very happy that you've begun to blog again after being away enjoying life with your new beau! Cheers.

    Once a Grizzlie-in-training and current friend w/most of the Grizzlies.