Friday, June 15, 2012

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

And Frankly is completely backed up with a ton of incredible stories...but don't fret, I won't keep you hanging too much longer.  Until then, please enjoy this message I received on a dating site not too long ago:

TnMightyTHor:   "I will protect and defend, or invade and annihilate your realm!
who ever holds this hammer and is found worthy shall possess
the power of THOR! A weapon to destroy or a tool to build, a fit companion for a king! you swear to cast aside all selfish ambition, to pledge your self only to the good of the realm of THORofASSgard? I will take what is rightfully mine! All the answers you seek will be your once I reclaim your ass! What you seek you will find soon enough! But you are Brave to do think me strange, good strange or bad strange?

Entering your realm to test your strength and prove my agility and fierceness!
what mortal hath aroused my lUST!?! you know not what you will unleash!!!"

It is 2012, people.  Who talks like this??  I'm not sure if this was a role-playing fantasy or an actual way of life, but I simply had to reply to Thor that I am completely unable to cast aside my selfish ambition, I do not need to be protected, defended, and/or annihilated.  I wished Thor all the luck in the world in his hunt for a primitive submissive, and frankly my ass is not in the market to be "reclaimed." 

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