Monday, June 18, 2012

Apply Within.

As I put the finishing touches on my recap of Pride weekend, please take just a few moments to enjoy this gem of a message I received awhile back on Plenty Of Fish.

Bjrr82 writes:  "im a cute guy who is very nice!!!and i just want to fall in love!!!i would treat my man sooo good!!and im very straight acting(im actuaslly bisexual)and prefer the same!! i enjoy going out and kicking it!!!back in july of 2005 i had a very bad car wreck!!i was working and in school and i was exhausted!!i went out drinking after work!and fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tree!!i might injured my brain!!but im ok!im alive and not crippled!thanks god!!!!!im actually a better brent!!and i want a black guy or latino!!!! yu can send me a mssage back to me or apply!! im vgl and cute to so plz be to!!! im srious about geting a man hope your to!!"

I challenge anyone to take a shot for each spelling/grammar error found in the above message.  I'm sure this makes me an awful person for critiquing the message from a man who may or may not have a brain injury, but it is what it is.  Unfortunately; I am not bisexual, black, or Latino so I don't think I meet the specific criteria he is looking for, and frankly I'm not in the job market.

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