Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crash Diet.

I wouldn't consider myself a fitness buff by any means.  In reality, I have a pretty awful diet and I drink a lot.  I do run quite a bit though, and lately have been dabbling with resuming the 'Insanity' workout.  Usually, my most strenuous workout happens on a Friday night, when I end up dancing the night away at Play.

However, yesterday morning I had to partake in the ultimate crash diet to shed a few unnecessary pounds.  I gave up chocolate and  I lost roughly 175 pounds in about six minutes.

Over the course of the past 10-ish days, things went sour with my Chocolate Boo, Bro.  Last weekend, Bro went MIA and I had not heard from him for 4 days, but he had cooked up quite the elaborate story to cover his bases.  He wove this tale about how his phone had some water damage, and he was really busy with work, and he hadn't been able to buy a new phone and blah blah blah.

Holly quickly jumped ship and had been advocating to move on, as Bro was pulling some serious shade.  Me, being the kind and generous man that I am, decided to give Bro the benefit of the doubt.  Shame on me.

Long story, short...Bro met up with Holly and I on Thursday evening; complete with the phone that was supposed to have been broken and replaced.  Not too many details slip my eye, and I surely noticed.    We drank a few beers and Bro had to slip out and head home.  Oddly enough, he left me with his tab.

Fast forward to Friday morning, and an anonymous, yet trusted, tipster gave me a heads up that perhaps Bro had moved on to other things.  I am never one to beat around the bush, so I cut straight to the chase, plus I'm smart enough to leave but I'm left.

I sent Bro a message to see what was going on, and turns out, he actually is interested in someone else.  I, surprisingly, was able to maintain my composure quite well and wished him all the best.  I congratulated him on being able to fool me so well, as I consider myself to be quite intelligent, and if nothing else somewhat clever.  I am able to read people fairly well and fairly quickly, but Bro slipped my radar for a bit.

Bro is now out of the picture, but do not fret...I am only temporally giving up chocolate, this experience surely has not made me a diabetic, and frankly, I'm ready to get back to the candy shop.  

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