Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don't Tell, I'll Ask.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season now upon us, I have not had a ton of time to meet people for drinks/dinners/dates.  My dating life really has taken a back seat to work and Christmas shopping.

However, last night I found myself with a completely open Friday night.  I wasn't much in the mood to sit around the house by myself, so I decided to see if Holly cared if I joined in on his usual Friday evening routine.

We started the evening at Chago's Cantina.  I've become quite fond of this establishment because for just a mere $10, I get two chicken tacos, a can of Tecate, and a shot of tequila...and usually a few more shots thrown in there too.  After a round or two of shots, Holly insisted we head over to ReBar for a bushwacker.  I've never had a bushwacker from ReBar, however, I am quite familiar with 3Crow's familiar, in fact, that for my birthday I triumphantly managed to polish off six of them.

According to Holly, ReBar was not the happenin' place to be on this particular evening, so we finished our bwackers and headed over to Tribe.  Obviously, any good Friday night has an impromptu bar crawl.

We got to Tribe, grabbed a few beers, and started surveying the crowd.  Holly joined his Round Table group, and I made a few laps around the bar to see if there was anyone worth saying hello to, or getting to know.  Following one of my trips to sight see, I returned to the Round Table group and noticed a newcomer to the group who looked oddly familiar to me.

I had a feeling he was this guy I had been texting back and forth for the last month and a half or so.  He shall be referred to as Brutus because he's one of those unfortunate Buckeye fans.  Brutus and I had never actually had a chance to meet up yet.  He had just gotten out of the Army and I have been super busy with workin in the hood, but we had kept an ongoing conversation, and he had even invited me as a guest to his restaurants friends and family opening event.

I shot Brutus a text to see if it were him, and as it turns out, my suspicions were correct.  It was Brutus, and to top it off, Holly was quite familiar with him as well.  Holly and I quickly exchanged notes on how we knew him.  I simply explained that we had met online, had been chatting, but just had not had a chance to meet up for drinks yet.  Holly simply explained that Brutus has a boyfriend.

Wait, what?

By this point in the game, Brutus had rejoined the group, and Holly, being the good friend that he is, made sure that Brutus and I finally had a chance to meet.  I wasn't particularly thrilled to find out that Brutus had a boyfriend.  And to thicken the plot just a bit, his boyfriend was also at Tribe, as he is the back doorman (no pun intended).

Brutus became instantly chatty, and was even giving me a hard time for wearing a Spartan shirt.  He kept insisting that OSU is the best team in the Big Ten, and I had to keep reminding him of the game OSU is playing in today.  We struck up a conversation, basically just an in person continuation of the text conversations we had been having.  Brutus was incredibly flirty, even though his boyfriend was just a few feet away greeting patrons at the door, and all the while I was planning my attack to call him out on the secret he failed to divulge.

Believe it or not, Holly often likes to add a bit of fuel to any flame...and of course, this fire was no exception.  Holly had an opportunity to pull Brutus aside and make a bit of small talk within my ear shot.    Holly made sure to touch on key points such as Brutus' current relationship status.  Holly tipped the scales and now the flood gates were open.  I felt like Kathryn and Sebastian a la 'Cruel Intentions'.

I got myself a fresh beer and rejoined Brutus in conversation.  Once again he became quite flirty, asking about my weekend plans etc etc.  Brutus then asked which guy in the group was Holly's beau, and I mentioned it was the Homeowner.  Brutus commented that they were a cute couple, to which I quickly replied; "like you and your boyfriend."

The cat was out of the bag, and the claws were out.

In so many words I made it quite clear how I now felt about Brutus, I was no longer interested in continuing any sort of conversation or friendship, as he clearly could not be trusted.  He instantly became defensive and started backtracking.  By this point I was over all it, and my closing remark was something along the lines of; "and at the end of the day, you're a Buckeye from Ohio."

I rejoined Holly, the Homeowner, and the Round Table Crew.  Within minutes of putting an end to Brutus, my phone started blowing up with several text messages from Brutus saying how this now won't be easy to be friends, and he and his boyfriend have an agreement, and we need to make a decision as to where we will take this friendship.

Wait, what?

I thought I had made it clear, and now I was just becoming increasingly annoyed.  My annoyance had peaked so much, that when an unrelated Buckeye yelled across the room "You're a Spartan, I'm a Buckeye!"  I could only respond with "Go Fuck Yourself."  And also, why were there so many OSU fans at the bar last night?  I guess they had to go somewhere since there isn't a reason for them to be in Indy this weekend.

The rest of the night went on relatively uneventfully.  I wasn't on a mission to find confrontation, but if the situation should arise, I'm not usually one to shy away.  Don't get me wrong, I realize Brutus really does not owe me anything, and although we had not actually met yet...I at least would have appreciated the truth.  I don't care to be made a fool of, so I have become fairly proficient at quickly putting a stop to it.  I especially do not care to be made a fool of by a Buckeye, and frankly, nothing good comes from Ohio anyway.

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