Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Team Spirit.

This post took a bit of time to write up, there were a few logistics that needed to be worked out.  But fret not, I am back after yet another brief hiatus.  Dating while living in an attic is not always as glamorous as everyone thinks, it can't always be nonstop excitement, and good things take time, afterall, Rome wasn't built in a day.

This particular tale dates back a couple of weeks, to a far off and enchanted place known as Tribe, during the Grizzlies' Beer Bust and Recruitment.

All of the usual suspects were in attendance; Homeowner, Holly, Homeowner's BFF, Rugger JR etc, and the night was shaping up as most Grizzlie nights do.  The beer was flowing, and I was enjoying plenty of it.  As the other Ruggers were all busy recruiting new team and auxiliary members, Rugger JR and I were busy recruiting for our own teams.  Rugger JR was expecting a special guest, and I was just surveying the crowd.  Before long, Rugger JR's guest showed up, and I'm not much of a wing-man anyway, so I left them to chat amongst themselves, and I ventured out on my own.

As per usual the crowd is filled with people I'm not interested in chatting with online, so I sure don't make it a point to chat with them in public.  Prospects for team And Frankly were not looking too hot.  I thought for sure that I would just have to resign myself to a consistently full glass of beer and gossiping with Holly.

Eventually one of the other Ruggers, who has not yet been mentioned in a post, but shall be known as Paratrooper...or PT for short, showed up.  For no other reason, he is nicknamed after his profession...he parachutes out of planes for a living.  I have known PT for quite some time, and have always enjoyed seeing him out and about at parties and Grizzlie functions.  For just about as long as I've known PT, he's never been on the market, but could not help but having the slightest crush on him for a bit.  I didn't really know him on a completely deep and serious level, but I was definitely up for getting to know more.  Plus, he is tall, dark, and handsome...a definite home run.  But, for the past several months, PT was dating another Rugger, and I knew to leave well enough alone.

Although I aim to get what I want, and as I've said before, Jesus loves a winner, I am not a meddler or a homewrecker.  In the case of PT, I simply played the hand I was dealt and let the chips fall into place.  Although this could be a challenge, and I'd hate for a perfectly good opportunity to slip by.

On this particular night I learned that PT was newly single.  Prospects for my team looked instantly better.  In my state of semi-buzzed, beer consuming euphoria, I semi-jokingly but perhaps a bit seriously as well, made mentions to Holly and Rugger JR that PT was now a free agent...I wanted him on my team, and my sights were set.  However, in the back of my mind I made sure to tread lightly, I didn't want people to think I was prying on the weak and vulnerable.

PT and I began drinking together and chatting and chatting and chatting.  I was not really expecting much, as he is just weeks out of a relationship and I don't care to be a rebound.  My feelings would not have been hurt if PT had no interest whatsoever, but I'm a go getter and had to test the waters.  He expressed a slight mutual interest, but said he probably wouldn't be ready for much of anything for at least a week.  I figured I could wait one more week, afterall, I had waited just about a year as it was.  I made sure not to come on too strong and periodically left the conversation to make a few laps around the bar, as well as to refill my beer.  However, undeniably, and beer-buzz aside, the chemistry was apparent.

Eventually the other Grizzlies had determined that they had done all they could as far as recruiting and beer busting, so it was time to move the festivities next door to Play for a good ole fashioned drag show. After a few entertaining acts by the Playmates, I decided I was more in the mood to dance.  Rugger JR and his guest were hitting it off and making their way to the dance floor as well, so I figured I'd invite PT along too and we could have one big dance party amongst a sea of laser beams and dry ice clouds.

Before anyone could even make it out onto the dance floor, Rugger JR and his guest veered off in one direction, and PT and I veered the opposite way and continued bits and pieces of our conversation in the dark hallway leading to the laser beam lit dance arena.  PT said he'd love to go on a dinner date with me, but as he said before, he needed at least a week.  I reaffirmed to myself that I could wait a mere seven days if need be, but for now I needed to dance.  And drink.  Suddenly, before I knew what was happening, PT and I were making out in a dimly lit hallway like sexually active band geeks under the bleachers at the homecoming football game.

Ruggers had wandered off to.

PT and I danced for a bit, drank a bit more, and then left the dance floor.  We were on the opposite side of the bar, outside the bathrooms furthering the conversation that had now been hours, several beers, and a fierce make out session in the making and suddenly several of the Ruggers surfaced and had been witness to the evening's debauchery.  Surely, I would be the talk of the town by sunrise.

Finally the night was drawing to a close, and it was time that PT and I parted ways.  I started the night with no prospects of anything whatsoever and now had date plans with a guy who wasn't even on my radar up until a few beers ago.

By the following morning, Homeowner was already abreast of the previous night's festivities.  I was right, I was the talk of the town by sunrise.  Homeowner also finds my track record with Ruggers, especially those who live in Clarksville, to be quite amusing...I guess I can just check another off the list.  I needed to check in with Rugger JR to get his opinion on the situation, as he, aside from PT, was the only other one around for most of it.  We both agreed there was no harm, so no foul.  We are all adults in this situation, and responsible for our own actions, and frankly, I only play in the big leagues.  





  1. I love it! I can't wait to read what happens after the 7 days are up! I hope it's nothing like the movie "The Ring"