Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Raining Men.

Working two jobs has kept me plenty busy over the past couple of weeks, and with an all time shortage of potential dates, there has not been much to do and/or blog about.  However, this weekend has provided quite the wealth of blog-worthy material.

Friday evening was the Grizzlies' Bachelor Auction.  From the name alone, the evening was sure to be interesting, and it sure wasn't a Grundy County Auction.  To preface the evening's events, apparently any half-way decent match I had spoken with online over the course of the last couple of months had decided they were all going to show up at the bar.  From the get go, my phone was blowing up with messages from various people asking my whereabouts.  As to not be bombarded all at once with a gaggle of gays after me, I just simply replied that I was mingling around the bar and wearing a Grizzlies t-shirt.

My first encounter was with someone who I am pretty sure was on something serious.  I actually hadn't ever chatted with this guy...that I know of...but he said I looked familiar.  With his glazed over eyes and slightly slurred speech, his relatively handsome looks were quickly over shadowed.  I was neither as drunk or high as this dude was, and the night hadn't even really started was only about 9:15.  With nothing to chat about, I excused myself and found some Ruggers to talk with.  A few beers down, and about 20 minutes later, I needed to use the rest room.  As I was approaching the bathroom door, High-Guy comes stumbling out, almost as though he was ejected from the bathroom.  When I first ran into him he was fully dressed, but as he flew across the bar, he was now missing his shirt, shoes, and his pants were unbuttoned and unzipped.  I try to make it a point to not be with people who end up in such a state of undress at the bar...before 10.  We had one more brief conversation as I was pissing at the urinal, and it seemed as though it took all of his remaining sober strength to keep himself propped up against the wall. The conversation ended with me asking him to please not vomit all over me.

The night started to get fully underway and it was time for some Grizzlies to be auctioned off.  Of course I was not about to bid on any of them, I've had some for free...there wasn't any need to pay.  

As time passed, I was running into a couple of people that I may or may not have expressed some sort of interest via online dating sites, and many of those I hadn't expressed any form of interest at all.  I'd chat with someone for a bit and move on to mingle with the crowd.  I was careful not to accept drinks from anyone because that would have meant I would have to chat longer than I may have wanted, and would have possibly had to return the favor.  However, I collected 3 phone numbers, and managed to not give mine out at all.

The auction was over and I had had my fill of $2 beers and lousy conversation.  Mingling around the bar had turned into speed dating of sorts, which I have now become somewhat professional at.  I had a great time at the bar, and just when I thought my dating life was becoming a bit lame and in the middle of a drought, the flood gates were bursting open.  Friday night was just the first drop in the downpour of excitement to come for the rest of the weekend, and frankly, when it rains; it pours.

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