Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Collateral Damage.

Saturday morning rolled around, and surprisingly, I was not hungover.  I quickly rolled out of bed and scrolled through my phone to take a quick glance at any damage that may or may not have been done through the course of my impromptu speeding date.  Luckily, all I could find were some off the wall texts to the BFF back home and a couple of new phone numbers.  Nothing that could not be easily taken care of with the quick use of the ever so handy delete function.  No one from the night before made that great of an impression on me, so damage control only took a couple of seconds.

I couldn't spend too much time fretting about events from the previous night, I had met a few new people, crossed a few off the list, and got started with the day.

Saturday afternoon was just another day at work, and when closing time finally rolled around, I was ready to punch out and head over to Alex's birthday soiree.  The party was full of the usual suspects; some Grizzles, the Homeowner, Vacation Jake...just to name a few.  Once again, I was mingling with everyone, and I was getting a bit of a late start...most of these fools had been drinking all afternoon.  I needed to catch up asap.

My cup stayed full of beer and even added a few jello shots to the mix.  Next thing I knew, I was in the middle of a fierce flip-cup competition, however we weren't using normal, regulation size Solo cups.  We were playing with plastic Dixie cups, the kind you get mouthwash in at the dentist.  Nothing like a quick shot of beer!  With a flip-cup winning streak about a mile long, and cycling through opposing team members like they were going out of style, how could anything go wrong?

A fresh batch of opponents stepped up to the counter to take on my team, and suddenly I was face to face with someone I tried to avoid for the past few months.  I won't name any nicknames, as to protect the innocent, and perhaps not so innocent in this case, but it's someone I actually was very interested in and thought I did a pretty damn good job of moving past.  Holding no ill-will or animosity, I cordially took on my new foe and following suit, we defeated that team as well.

By this point I had had enough shots of beer, and in the world of flip-cup, it is always best to go out on top.  I bowed out of the competition and tried to rejoin the party.  Just when I thought I was in the clear, The Past had come to strike up a conversation.

I remained cordial and we covered the basics; how are you, what are you up to, it's been awhile etc etc.  I really did not see the point of diving too deeply into a profound conversation, after all, he made it clear that he did not have time for me, he even deleted me on FaceBook, and I had cut my losses months ago.  Suddenly, the cordial conversation took a drastic turn, and apparently it became my fault that The Past and I had not spoken in months.

Completely caught off guard by where any of this was coming from, we shuffled from the middle of the party action and into the hallway, as to not become the center of attention.   I felt like the conversation was just going in circles.  I wasn't trying to make amends and see what spark could be rekindled, I was fine with the clean and clear cut, we could chat here and there if we were to run into each other at the bar or a party, but things did not need to be much deeper than that.

I politely excused myself from the chit-chat for just a moment to use the restroom.  I am still not too certain as to was actually happened during the 36 seconds it took me to pee, but when I came out of the bathroom, The Past was crying, and these were no alligator tears.

All I could think was...WTF.

There was no turning back now.  Obviously something had happened, though I do not think I am to blame for the sudden show of waterworks.  It's hard to be discrete at a party when somebody starts crying, and now I was looking like the bad guy.  All The Past could tell me was that I could not even begin to understand his life before he had met me.  However, I could say the same to him, but without crying about it.  By this point, I'm sure people's curiosities were peaked, and there was not much I could do to remedy the situation.

All I could do was walk away.  No good would come from this, and to prevent myself or The Past from looking like a complete idiot at someone else's birthday party, I would have to be the one to leave.  I said good-byes to the birthday boy and the remaining guests before heading home for the night.  I guess the combination of alcohol and my heart breaker tendencies is just too much for some people to bear.  It was just another strange night to add to my list of many, and frankly, the damage is done.      

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Raining Men.

Working two jobs has kept me plenty busy over the past couple of weeks, and with an all time shortage of potential dates, there has not been much to do and/or blog about.  However, this weekend has provided quite the wealth of blog-worthy material.

Friday evening was the Grizzlies' Bachelor Auction.  From the name alone, the evening was sure to be interesting, and it sure wasn't a Grundy County Auction.  To preface the evening's events, apparently any half-way decent match I had spoken with online over the course of the last couple of months had decided they were all going to show up at the bar.  From the get go, my phone was blowing up with messages from various people asking my whereabouts.  As to not be bombarded all at once with a gaggle of gays after me, I just simply replied that I was mingling around the bar and wearing a Grizzlies t-shirt.

My first encounter was with someone who I am pretty sure was on something serious.  I actually hadn't ever chatted with this guy...that I know of...but he said I looked familiar.  With his glazed over eyes and slightly slurred speech, his relatively handsome looks were quickly over shadowed.  I was neither as drunk or high as this dude was, and the night hadn't even really started was only about 9:15.  With nothing to chat about, I excused myself and found some Ruggers to talk with.  A few beers down, and about 20 minutes later, I needed to use the rest room.  As I was approaching the bathroom door, High-Guy comes stumbling out, almost as though he was ejected from the bathroom.  When I first ran into him he was fully dressed, but as he flew across the bar, he was now missing his shirt, shoes, and his pants were unbuttoned and unzipped.  I try to make it a point to not be with people who end up in such a state of undress at the bar...before 10.  We had one more brief conversation as I was pissing at the urinal, and it seemed as though it took all of his remaining sober strength to keep himself propped up against the wall. The conversation ended with me asking him to please not vomit all over me.

The night started to get fully underway and it was time for some Grizzlies to be auctioned off.  Of course I was not about to bid on any of them, I've had some for free...there wasn't any need to pay.  

As time passed, I was running into a couple of people that I may or may not have expressed some sort of interest via online dating sites, and many of those I hadn't expressed any form of interest at all.  I'd chat with someone for a bit and move on to mingle with the crowd.  I was careful not to accept drinks from anyone because that would have meant I would have to chat longer than I may have wanted, and would have possibly had to return the favor.  However, I collected 3 phone numbers, and managed to not give mine out at all.

The auction was over and I had had my fill of $2 beers and lousy conversation.  Mingling around the bar had turned into speed dating of sorts, which I have now become somewhat professional at.  I had a great time at the bar, and just when I thought my dating life was becoming a bit lame and in the middle of a drought, the flood gates were bursting open.  Friday night was just the first drop in the downpour of excitement to come for the rest of the weekend, and frankly, when it rains; it pours.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Friends.

After an incredible time at the Brad Paisley concert, which was in a suite no less, and a couple of weeks worth of dates at Flying Saucer, Las Maracas, Drag Bingo, Showtunes, and 12 South Tap Room, things came to an end before anything really got started.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me rewind a bit.

The Brad Paisley show was great, he and Darius Rucker put on a fantastic concert.  I was greatly amused when Darius decided to bust out some old school Hootie and the group of 16 year olds who were also in our suite had no idea, whatsoever, what was going on.  Kids these days just have no appreciation for some of the finer things in life I suppose.  Since the concert, the boy and I have spent a bit of time together, hanging out at various eateries and watering holes around town.  He even started taking a liking to my friends, and them to him.  Nothing incredibly exciting was happening, more so going along at a casual dating pace...and to be honest, I never really understood what 'casual dating' actually means anyway.

About a week ago I took advantage of the Living Social deal, two movie tickets for $ could I pass that up?  The boy mentioned an interest in Red Riding Hood, and I didn't think it looked terrible either, so I figured I'd get the deal and use it for date night to see the movie.  Even if the movie did end up completely sucking, at least it only cost a fraction of what an actual movie ticket costs.

A week's time passes and still continuing to hang out with the boy, and eventually movie date night gets here.  I woke up yesterday morning, went for my daily run, went to work, ran a few errands, all the while not hearing from the boy.  I just figured he was busy with work of his own, and we'd get in touch sometime in the afternoon.  We had made plans to see the movie earlier in the week, and I knew roughly what time he'd be out of work, so I went ahead and used my sweet deal on movie tickets for an evening showing.  

At some point in the afternoon I was finally able to touch base with the boy.  We briefly chatted about our day's events up that point and then he dropped the bomb:

'Hey, can we chat about something real quick?'

Uh huh.  I suddenly had a feeling where this was about to go.  I'm not one to sugar coat things at all, so I wanted him to get to the point ASAP.  Per the usual, he began saying "Well I want you to know that I think you're a wonderful guy...."

Stop right there.  If you thought I were so incredibly wonderful, we would not be having this conversation.

He proceeded to tell me how much he enjoyed all the time we've been spending together and blah, blah, blah.  I really just needed him to cut to the chase.  Buttering me up first wasn't going to win any points.  And of course he said he would still love to be my friend, because he still enjoys my company, and I'm still so great blah, blah blah etc. etc. etc.  It was the typical "let's just be friends" conversation.  Probably one of the worst conversations ever in my opinion.  To top off this spectacular conversation, he added that we should not hang out that evening.

Fantastic!  Now I have 2 movie tickets to go see a myself.

Before closing our conversation he asked if I would give him a call today, or perhaps even Sunday and we could get together.  My only reply was "I'm busy."

I quickly needed to do some damage control, I sure did not want the movie tickets to go to waste.  I gave my single friend A-Lo a ring, I knew she'd be up for a date night with me.  Who could pass up the chance for a dinner and a movie with a semi-attractive and decent guy?....well don't answer that, because apparently quite a few people have had no problem passing the chance up....

A-Lo and I enjoyed Las Maracas for dinner, and the movie did end up sucking.  Big time.  We ended up having a good time though, which is usually the case when the two of us get together.

Vacation Jake says I need to find someone who can keep up with me, but that's a tall order to fill...I tend to live in the fast lane.  I guess this is just one more loss for me to cut.  Just being friends rarely works in my opinion.  Somehow a certain awkwardness develops in the course of trying to date then transitioning to being friends...though there have been some exceptions to the rule.  I'm busy this weekend with work and my other friends and in just a few days my BFF will be visiting from home anyway, so now I don't think I will have much time to spend with my new found friend, and frankly, I'm not really in the market for new friends anyway.