Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011!

A brand new post for a brand new year!  Sorry it's a couple of days late, but I've been super busy and wanted to put a lot of thought into an And Frankly yearly review.

2010 was a very tumultuous say the least.  Although nothing seriously bad happened to me, the past year was chock full of minor inconveniences, that when all added up became quite ridiculous.  In the course of 365 days I found myself  unable to find a job pertaining to the overpriced piece of paper I spent six and a half years earning, found myself frantically searching for and buying Steve Perry because my poor little PT Cruiser met her last days over the summer, found out who my true friends are and who was actually just a slut, wrecked my brand new car just weeks after having purchased him, and took up residency in an attic because I had the cops called on me for stealing a car...but not just any car, a BMW...and needed a place to live after moving from Oak Grove to Nashville....within in the course of 32 hours.

On top of all that, I found myself on some rather strange, unusual, and mostly odd dates, but I now have the interest of a nugget, a Craigslist Missed Connection, a vampire, a thug, my ex's current lover, an incredibly handsome smart ass, and the title of 'Most Bejeweled' to add to my resume.

2010 wasn't all bad, I have made a ton of new and wonderful friends, so who knows what will happen in 2011.  I am keeping an optimistic mind as to what the year could hold, and since I started 2011 off by tumbling down a flight of stairs and soaking myself with my cup of beer in front of about 15 people, things can only get better, right?  I'm still the same awesomely charming and witty, handsome hopeless romantic I've always been, only now I may raise the bar a bit, I'll have to increase my standards as well as my budget for online dating sites.

I surely won't be using the timeless cliche, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" when I reflect back on the past year because 2010 and I called it quits and went our own separate ways...much like a nasty breakup, and frankly, 2010 can suck it.

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