Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grow Up.

I realize it is only 12 days into the new year, but my dating prospects still look a lot like the ones I was trying to leave back in 2010.  

Here is a run down of the messages I have received in the last 48-ish hours or so; 

This message came from a 27 year old guy whose screen named contained the phrase 'blondeboi'

"This may sound creepy, but one of my good friends used to date this guy from AL that looks like your little brother. I mean seriously. eerily alike!"

Well, Blondeboi, I make it a point to not take interest in people with the word 'boi' in their screen name, at the age of 27 I think it's time to consider yourself a man. And on top of that, I don't have a little brother, so this message is just odd overall. Blondeboi continued to tell me the name of the guy that resembles my little brother so that I could check him out on Facebook and see for myself. After a little investigative work, I was not sure if I should have been offended for me or for my fictitious little brother. The kid looked nothing like me, he had about 35 pounds on me..and was about 5 inches shorter. Apparently if I had a little brother, he would have a striking resemblance to Danny DeVito, and in reality, all of my siblings are quite attractive...none of them look like Danny DeVito...which is good, since they are all girls.

Then there was 44 year old 'johnnyboi' who considers himself to just have a few extra pounds, but really is a fairytale romantic at heart and enjoys a good hairy guy;

"Nice looks you go out to any of the bars or clubs ? Guess what im trying to say is maybe you would like to meet up sometime and go on a date ..we cold meet somewhere for coffee or a drink and take it from thier ( catch a bite ,take a long walk or even go dancing or stay inside to )hope to here from you soon."

I guess if a 44 year old can still think of himself as a 'boi', a 27 year surely can too?  I don't know where in any of my dating profiles I suggested that I was even interested in a 'boi', let alone a 44 year old one.  I left this message alone and immediately sent it to trash bin.  The misuse of 'boi', 'their', and 'here' was already a turn off.

And just when I thought he was out of mind, Big D made a return with this little gem:

"sup boi.....whats gud for you this morn, juss wantd to chill wit u when i left the dr office if that's cool wit u."

Once again, I needed a translator to help me understand just what Big D was trying to say.  I'm not interested in chilling, or anything that's considered 'gud'.  

What exactly is a 'boi' anyway?  I am a 26 year old man, I have not been a boy since I noticed some hair sprouting in places where it wasn't before, and that happened in about the 5th or 6th grade.  I really do hate the use of the word 'boi', mostly because it is not even a word to begin with.  I even more so hate it when fully grown men use it to describe themselves as such, and frankly, I'm interested in a man, not a boi.

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