Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Letter K.

Today's post is brought to you by the letter K.

I am guilty of sending that one text message, containing one single letter, that can signify the end of any potential dating interests.  I am usually not a fan of one word text messages, but one letter messages are even worse.  And in the world of dating and text messaging, getting a single 'k' as a reply is just about relationship end-all.  It's quite dreadful.

At present I am not in a relationship.  I have been chatting with a few people here and there...mostly to keep my options open.  I am not one to put all my eggs in one basket.  I go on dates should the situation arise, but mostly just chatting with some people for the time being.  However, there comes a time through all of the chatting when action does need to be taken.  I have been chatting with one guy in particular for a bit now, and have actually hung out with him a few times.  We've never been on a formal date, mostly just grabbing coffee and hanging out at his place for the evening.  I could take or leave the causal the hanging out, but an actual date would have been nice too.  Lately the chatting has been losing the fun and flirtatiousness that most pre-dating banter includes, and all of my invitations for dates ranging from Whiskey Kitchen, a stroll in downtown Franklin, or a homemade dinner have fallen on deaf ears.  Each suggestion of a date night is met with an excuse as to why that night will not work out.

I get that it's the holiday season, and people are busy with their lives and such...but at the rate I was going, I was batting 0-7 a week.  Without getting any inclination that a future date night was in store, and I hate being strung along, I was becoming a bit annoyed.

Once again I asked if he were free for the evening, and he said that he didn't know, and wasn't sure if he were in the mood for a date night.

As I said, I don't like to be strung along.   If you aren't interested, just say so.  It won't hurt my feelings if you're just upfront and honest about it.  Don't keep me guessing and even more so, wasting my time.  There are plenty of fish in the sea, so I need to get back out there ASAP if this isn't going to work out.

After the uncertain text message I was at my wit's end.  Trying not to be rude or snarky, I simply replied with: K

In my opinion, 'k' is the worst text message you can get.  Personally, I would hate it if someone were to send it to me.  That one single letter can end an entire pre-dating flirtatious relationship, or what's left of one.  It implies no information other than, "I'm extremely annoyed" or "We're done with this."  'K' is a very different response than 'ok', the two are not the same at all.  'Ok' implies acknowledgement, and perhaps even agreement, whereas 'k' is kinda bitchy.  Much as I predicted, no reply text followed after that one.  Roughly 24 hours later a text message came along asking how my day was going, but by then the damage had been done.  You weren't interested, and I lost my interest.  Moving on.

It looks like it's back to the drawing board, so hopefully Santa got the wish list I posted. So far not having a date for the holidays has saved me some cash on Christmas gifts, that's a just a bit more money A-Lo and I can spend on ourselves at the Whiskey Kitchen, and frankly if you get a message from me that just says 'k', don't bother texting again.

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