Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Perfect Date.

Yesterday, I got let go from work a few hours early, which is a rare and unusual occurrence on a Saturday afternoon during the Holiday Season.  I did not have anything planned for the afternoon, but I sure did not want to waste this wonderful gift that had been bestowed upon me.  It was a beautiful late November afternoon, with a brisk chill in the air, and the sun shining.  It was perfect for an outdoor date, and autumn outdoor dates are my favorite...unless it's a trip to the zoo in the late spring.

Not wanting to waste such a nice day, I checked in the with the boy I've been chatting with (whom still shall not be named just yet), but he was booked with school work for the day.  Determined to go on a date, and not be resigned to just sitting in The Attic for the rest of the day, I made the very best of my situation at hand:

I called up A-Lo to see what she had in store for the afternoon.

A-Lo, being single and quite a catch, much like myself, was free for the day as well.  I headed over to her apartment just in time to see the Spartans claim their share of the Big Ten Championship, and shortly after that we were off on our Afternoon Date Adventure.

We were casually, yet stylishly layered up, in plaids, sweaters, scarves, puffer vests, and aviators, and ready for the perfect weather and our perfect date.  We choose to explore the incredibly adorable and quaint world of Downtown Franklin.  It was a perfect little downtown, decked out for the holidays, with each shop front bursting with lights, christmas trees, shiny ornaments, and gift ideas.  A-Lo and I meandered down the street, and made sure to stop in each and every antique, decor, and knick-knack shop that lined the road.  Our date included stopping at the Irish pub for a bite to eat, before continuing to weave our way in and out of the shops.  Of course any perfect outdoor November date needs to include a stop in a coffee shop, so we hit up Starbucks for a warm drink to tide us over as we continued to explore.

It really was the perfect setting for the closest thing I have had to a perfect date in quite awhile...even if it was with a girl.  It was a beautiful brisk day spent in a picturesque downtown, some of my favorite things!  A-Lo and I decided we must just be too good of catches for people to handle, so we'll just date each other for the time being.  Me not being overly flamboyant, and able to call a football game, and A-Lo not being overly high maintenance, yet knows how to accessorize, we make a good couple.

As the sun was setting, and the shops were closing, we made our way back to A-Lo's apartment.  With noting having much else planned, but still the itch to do something, we called up our friend, TriSarahTopss, to meet up with us.  TriSarahTopss came over with wine in hand, and our group expanded to three.  After awhile, TriSarahTopss friend met up with us at A-Lo's apartment and the party was just getting started.  TriSarahTopss' friend just so happened to be a homo as well, and almost immediately the fawning over every male he could think of ensued.  I couldn't help but think how annoying this would get if it kept up much longer, and sure enough it continued on all night.  I am not one to fawn and drool over anyone, I have yet to meet someone who truly takes my breath away because of their devastatingly good looks.  I do think people are attractive or handsome, and if I am interested in you, I will make it known to you how I feel about your looks, but I very rarely refer to anyone as 'hot'.  

We finished off the wine, and the night was still young so A-Lo and TriSarahTopss decided to introduce to the Nashville gem known as Whiskey Kitchen.

A hip, trendy, whiskey bar.

I was in heaven, and this truly was the perfect date.

The four of us grabbed a table and ordered whiskey sours by the pitcher, and now with a room full of people, TriSarahTopss' friend was eye-raping everyone in site.  A-Lo and I were not about to take part in this activity, mostly because it's annoying.  After several attempts to guess which guy in the bar would be my type, or who I thought was hot or not, I had to finally tell the Homo-Friend to just give up.

Next thing A-Lo, TriSarahTopss, and I knew, we were the third, fourth and fifth wheels to a date Homo-Friend had set our table.  It was almost as though we were inconveniencing this little date situation.  We suddenly were shunned from the group, but every once and awhile Homo-Friend's date included us in quite an elaborate story involving his grandmother, pills, addictions, and possibly the police on Thanksgiving day.

I pointed out to A-Lo that we were all a fairly attractive group of people and even Ro-Ro had shown up after work to join us, but the Date just did not fit in with us.  I would be all for it if your date had been Jake Gyllenhaal, but wasn't really feeling the addition of Roseanne Bar to the group.  Rumor has it that Homo-Friend and the Roseanne look alike needed to jump ship from our table because A-Lo and I were being too be it.

The night came to a close, and it was time to head home.  My perfect date was coming to a close.  I had very much enjoyed the time spent with A-Lo, TriSarahTopss, and Ro-Ro, and frankly, perhaps we'd just be better off dating each other...we clearly know how to have a good time.