Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moving On.

It is now the eve of my Super Awesome Spartan Football Birthday Tailgate Roadtrip Extravaganza, and I was unsuccessful in finding someone to be my date.  Silverado will not be accompanying me for the weekend trip up to Michigan, and after much deliberation, mostly on my own behalf, but a bit mutually as well, things will not be progressing any further either.

The long-distance thing was just not working out for either of us.  I have my life in Nashville, and Silverado has his life 500 miles away, and at this time, it's just not in the cards to cross paths.  I am all for putting effort into a long-distance relationship, but ours was entirely long-distance.  Though it wasn't actually anything official, it was severed by a 5 hour commute.  There aren't any hard feelings, as I still feel like he is a great guy...a good catch for anyone who lives in the same zip-code, or even time zone as he does.  It was just my luck to meet an educated guy who was easy on the eyes and incredibly nice and who just so happened to be so far away.  With November about to draw to a close, and the holidays quickly approaching, there haven't been any plans made to see each other anytime soon, so it would just be better not to entertain the idea that a 5 hour commute is feasible.

Otherwise, I am incredibly excited for my trip up to Michigan, and my friend Asshat has been so generous as to donate his time to experience the 8th wonder of the world, known as Spartan Football in East Lansing, and make the trip with me.  

The Silverado saga draws to a close, but who knows, maybe I'll find myself out in East Tennessee one day, or he could end up in Nashville.  If nothing else, I did make a friend out of this situation, and frankly there are plenty of fish in the sea...for both of us.

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