Sunday, November 14, 2010

Junk Mail.

The Missed Connection has been fizzling out, mostly because he is a 41 year old, possibly married, extremely closeted, allegedly 'curious' creep.  None of that sounds appealing to me, in the slightest bit.  I asked Missed Connection to send me a picture, because he obviously got a better glimpse of me than I did of him, and when 'chatting' with someone, I liked to put a face with a name.  

Missed Connection responded that he could not send pictures via email because it just was not safe for him.  He is just too super discreet to show his face picture, but asked me if there were any other pictures I would be interested in seeing.  What other pictures would I possibly be interested in seeing?  Usually in the gay world, 'other pictures' are pictures considered to be NSFW.  His exact words were:

"I am 41 and a bit your senior. LOL.

I am not even sure if you liked what you saw in your side mirror. I am 6'3" 215' slim workout but not a buff gym rat kind. 

I am good looking at a minimum, but that is in the eye of the viewer.  

Do you want to exchange any other pics?"   

I am not a proponent of 'other pictures', mostly because I know what a penis looks like, I don't need to see yours...and if I were that interested in seeing one, I could just look down.  This really was junk mail, and it is a shame my gmail spam filter didn't do a better job of weeding it out.  It's amazing to me how quick homos are to show off their junk to strangers online.  I wonder if this sort of thing happens in the straight dating world, like on  Did Joe Fox send a junk pic to Kathleen Kelly in the romantic flick, "You've Got Mail", and if so, did she find it flattering and realize that is what it took to win her heart?

I really did just want to see this guy's face, because I apparently did not notice, in the very brief glimpse that I got of him, that he was in his 40's.  And I really  want to know what he looks like, because I frequent the Starbucks on Carothers where this chance encounter first took place, and I'd like to know if he's there, so I can avoid him.  I guess if I see a Jeep in the parking lot or drive-thru, I know not to go there.  Also, what does it mean to be good looking at a minimum?  

Once again, I rejected his picture offer and he replied with:

"It was an open ended question.   I didn't mean to imply anything."

Perhaps he really just wants to show pictures of a recent trip he took to Mount Rushmore or the Grand Canyon, but even so, I'm not interested in that either.

It's safe to say that Missed Connection is out of the running for my Michigan State Football Tailgate Birthday Road Trip Extravaganza, unless he wants to wear a bag over his head so people cannot identify him.  Call me shallow, but I do not have time to deal with a closeted faceless man and his junk pictures, who I am guessing is really just looking to get his rocks off.  I am disappointed with my Missed Connection experience, I was hoping for a bit more, and frankly, it was less than I expected and nothing I wanted.  

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  1. Yes, my straight friends send pics of their junk to girls. The girls reactions are very similar. But this guys seems not only closeted, married, and “only curious”. He seems very insecure. But I think you kind of knew where it was going in the beginning. I feel sorry for him because he lives a lie and can never truly find happiness, especially when your banging dudes behind your wifes back.