Saturday, October 2, 2010

Potential Stalker?

Well last night was relatively uneventful, but I suppose a twenty-something year old single guy can't always expect a Friday night to be full of excitement and fun.  I spent the greater portion of the evening flipping through channels looking for something semi-exciting to occupy my time, but had no luck.  All I could find were TLC shows about people having dozens of children, or working on acquiring dozens of wives (yes, I mean you Sister Wives).  One man is married to four people, and I can't even find one to have a few drinks with!

Anyway, I decided to just resort to my all time favorite Halloween themed movie, although I have been known to watch it at any given time throughout the year, and settled in to watch the cinematic classic, Hocus Pocus.  With both of the roomates gone, I had the entire house to myself...I could actually leave the attic to watch my movie in the front room!  However, I had no viable options for company to join me, and to update about any potential suitors; things are just about off with Detective, plus he's out of town with the rugby team anyway, so that was out the question, and Silverado is about 5 hours away with plans of his own for the weekend.  Silverado will be here next weekend anyway, and unfortunately back to back roadtrips aren't very feasible at this point in time.  I guess it would just be me, Jack, and three zany witches for the evening.

So I did what any single guy would do, resorted to my online dating sites.  Surely there must be something a bit exciting happening with the online dating world.  Just as soon as I could log in, I had an incoming chat request.  Some creeper, whom I have never met, IMed me saying "Someone was shopping at Green Hills the other day."

All I could reply with was "Well, I am sure lots of people were shopping at Green Hills."  But I knew damn well he was referring to me, because I was in fact at that mall on Thursday evening.

He followed with "I hope that did not come off as too stalkerish"

Well it did, it was extremely stalkerish, and of course I let him know that.  Without even initiating a conversation with a friendly "Hello", you come right out and tell me you saw me shopping.  I am not sure if this was supposed to come across as flattering or endearing, but I wasn't liking it.

Sadly, on this particular evening, uncovering a potential stalker was the highlight of the night.  I decided just to log off and rejoin the three zany witches, plus I needed to refill my Jack and Coke.  Obviously I was not going to find a candidate for my birthday/football roadtrip, and frankly I'd just rather go up by myself than have to tote around a creep.

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