Monday, October 4, 2010

Missed Connections.

Apparently I don't have just 1 stalker, I now have a handful of them.  They are all creeping out of the woodwork, and bringing my whereabouts and sightings around town to my attention.  I actually did not get out a whole lot this weekend, as I was cooped up at work for long periods of time.  However, I was able to make it out to Broadway on Saturday night for a friend's birthday celebration.  I managed to have a few beers with my friends, nothing crazy by any means, and called it a night relatively early so I could work the following day.  Nothing terribly exciting or out of the ordinary took place.  However, this morning received a couple of emails from different people saying that they saw me out Saturday night, or working Sunday afternoon.

Since when did this become an acceptable introductory email?  I've never actually spoken to these people, and I wasn't even familiar with ever coming across the profile of one of the guys, but apparently they recognized me well enough from online to pick me out in a crowd on Broadway, and then inform me that they had seen me.  If by chance you were to see me out and about with my friends, and perhaps recognized me, and were that interested in me, why wouldn't you just say something then and there?  I guess I am a bit more upfront than most people, but I also think it takes a lot of balls to just email someone and say "Hey I realize that I am a creep but I saw you out this weekend!" Usually the email continues you on with something like, "I wasn't sure if you saw me, you looked really nice/handsome/hot/hawt/ etc."  No fool, I didn't see you, because I do not even know who you are.

When these situations occur, and lately, it has been more often than not, I am never sure how to respond.  I typically just reply with my over enthusiastic "Oh you did?! Cool!"  I always hope that at least some of my intended sarcasm is apparent.  I am sure they mean well, and they could actually be some half-way decent people, but oddly enough, whenever I go to check their profile, they usually do not have a picture at all, are wearing sunglasses and a hat, a picture of a shirtless torso, or something completely unclothed and inappropriate all together.  I am completely left in the dark, there is no way in hell that I would ever be able to tell who these fools were out in public...but now that I think about it, perhaps it is better that they decided to send an email and not actually approach me...unless they were offering to buy me a drink, then I would at least say thanks.

I don't have time to deal with creeping from afar.  I feel as though sending an email mentioning that you saw me out in public is somewhat of a cop out to see if I would return any form of interest.  Chances are I won't find this endearing at all, and frankly, I would prefer that you just posted a Craigslist Missed Connections, I have always wanted one of those!


  1. Hey...ummm....I think I have a class with you... ;) MISS YOU!!!!