Sunday, October 10, 2010

Any Cosmo Girl Would Know.

The rules of dating should be like the rules of hair care maintenance; simple and finite.  Ideally, things would be boy meets girl, or boy meets boy, or girl meets girl, whichever you prefer.  Upon meeting, a courtship would follow with the couple falling head over heels for each other, and ideally the couple would live in the same neighborhood or the same city as each other.  However, the rules of dating are just about anything but simple and finite.  Usually the rules of dating make it difficult to manage a long distance relationship, especially when it starts off as long distance.  As my luck would have it, I couldn't possibly meet someone in the same zip code as me, I had to be difficult and find someone on the other side of the state.  Me being the stubborn and bull headed kind of guy that I am, I decided not to let distance interfere and see what could possibly come out of an otherwise unfavorable situation.

After quite a few weeks...almost 2 months to be exact, and not that I was counting or anything....I got to spend some time with Silverado.  He made the trek across the great state of Tennessee, and arrived in Nashville Friday evening.  Since there are about 300 miles between us, we can't just have typical date night, and I am not a typical guy anyway, so we had to make it into a date weekend. We kicked off the date weekend with a trip the local beer garden for beers and hot pretzels.  Sounds romantic, huh?  We decided to exercise some self-control, and not drink a ton on Friday night, plus I was still recovering from Wednesday night's Best of Nashville party and Saturday was sure to be a full day of drinking anyway.  I needed my liver to be as high functioning as it possibly could be!

Saturday started off bright and early with a delicious french toast breakfast, made by yours truly, and then we were off to Oktoberfest.  No date weekend could be complete without a trip to Oktoberfest, to engage in beer and German-inspired fun.  After a few beers at the German-themed festival, it was time for Silverado and I to stake our claim in front of a big screen TV at a local sports bar for the highly anticipated Michigan/Michigan State game.  Silverado was a good sport and even wore the green and white in support of the Spartans.  This was a true test for Silverado, if he can't handle me watching a Michigan State football game, especially a game as big as when we play Michigan, there just is not hope for anything else.  After 4 quarters of intense game play, never ending pitchers of beer, and me acting a damn fool, and a Spartan victory, Silverado passed the test with flying colors!  Thankfully, he didn't tire of my clapping, screaming, and cheering and  just leave me at the bar.

After the game, it was off to join the rugby team at their Third Half after party.  Oddly enough, you become quite the hot commodity when you exhibit any hint that you aren't exactly available at the moment, or perhaps showing interest in someone else.  Unsurprisingly, the ruggers were all over Silverado like trailer trash takes to Velveeta.  Silverado was basically fresh meat, however for this event, he wasn't on the market.  Amusingly enough, I caught the attention of someone I had previously expressed an interest in, over a year ago.  In the heat of the moment, my stunning good looks caught his eye, however he actually did not remember who I was.  Thanks to the Homeowner for setting him straight, and reminding him that we had actually met before...on a date.  The Forgetful Rugger and I had actually been on a date quite some time ago, before I had even moved to Nashville or met anyone else on the rugby team.  I'm not sure if I was just that unmemorable or there have been so many since me, regardless, the feelings were not mutual, and how could anyone forget me??  Silverado did well at the rugby party, he was able to hold his own in a room full of drunk, vulgar, and extremely inappropriate rugby players, although he was a bit uncomfortable with a leather and metal clad couple trying to invite him to join in on their relations.  

Flash forward to Sunday morning, and date weekend is coming to a close.  I made yet another delicious breakfast, this time a delightful quiche.  In Silverado's case, a five hour commute back home meant there wasn't much time for him to hang around today.  I had a great date weekend, and hope Silverado did too.  It wasn't anything mushy or foo-fooily romantic, and somewhat of a no pressure kinda situation...with beer and football!  Now if only we didn't have to deal with such a ridiculous distance between us, things would be much better.  I'd like to say that Silverado is the forerunner for my birthday football tailgate roadtrip extravaganza, but that damn distance factor rears its ugly head.  Like I said, the rules aren't simple and finite, and frankly, rules are meant to be broken.

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  1. Oh ruggers, how I love them....they all get drunk and try to steal each other's significant others...its so cute!