Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mama Mia!

I must say that I am a bit overwhelmed by the 10's of followers/viewers I now have!  And Frankly has even gone global, now reaching THREE continents!  I never thought that the trials and tribulations that I experience in my dating life with be of such interest to the general public....actually I did, or why else would I have a public blog??

Last night was no exception to the wild ride that is my life.

Started the night off with a little pre-drinking at the house.  The homeowner had a few people over and I quickly jumped into the Jack Daniels.  Jack and I have always had a solid relationship, but sometimes it gets me into some awkward situations.  Upon discovering the deliciousness that is Jack and Ginger Ale, I knew the night was most likely going to get a bit out of control.  And did it ever. 

After a few drinks, and quite the raunchy/scandalous/risque conversation (but what else would you expect from a bunch of homos in one room?) we made our way out to the bar for an ABBA tribute band.  Who could say no to an ABBA tribute band?  Not me!  I was now feeling good with my Jack and Ginger and was more than ready to hear some 'Dancing Queen'.  

I always enjoy going to the bar and getting the chance to see some of my online matches out in public, without actually having to go on a date with them.  It is somewhat like going to the zoo...I can view from afar and watch their interactions and mannerisms, and see if they are anything like they describe themselves online.  Most times they aren't.  Got myself a drink, and made a few laps around the bar to scope the scene...this was bound to be good, and I could see these fools without having to actually meet them.

Turns out that the ABBA tribute band was really just two girls singing ABBA karaoke, so that was a bust.  I needed to quickly find other ways to entertain myself, and my drink was getting a bit low.  Well what happens when 3 of your matches end up being at the same bar at the same time...and 2 of the matches happen to be friends with each other?  It really wasn't as awkward as you may think, and for the rest of the evening my drink stayed full.  I take that back, it was fairly awkward.  I got pulled away from my friends and began mingling with the 3 who were all vying for my attention.  This was suddenly on the spot speed dating, and I was thrown a bit off guard.  It got difficult keeping up with all of the conversations, but I was loving being the center of attention.  I just hoped this wasn't on course to turn into a bad porn and end in a gang bang...not my style.

I'm not sure that I remember much of any of the conversations to be exact, however I do remember that the ABBA karaoke band came to an end at some point, and as the night was drawing to a close I had to make some quick decisions.  Also, I was drunk.  However, I did notice that my friends were nowhere to be found and my options for a ride home were becoming quite limited.  I could walk, but that would have taken me until Tuesday, I could call a cab, but I was a bit low on cash at the moment, or I could suck it up, take one for the team, and have one of the 3 take me home.  And obviously, the drunker I got, the more attractive and interesting each of them seemed.  This was going to be tough, and I am not usually one to go home with someone from the bar.

Well I ended up in the car of the one who bought the majority of my drinks, I figured it was the least I could do.  However, I may have broken up a friendship over this split decision, as his friend was after me as well. Now don't take this the wrong way, I wasn't looking for a hookup (I'm not that kind of guy!), I was mostly looking for a ride home or a place to sleep or both...the order really didn't matter at this point.  Fast forward through the car ride that seemed to take forever, and we ended up at his place.  At this point I really was drunk, and needed to lay down ASAP.  Before I could hop into bed and pass out...he ripped all the bedding off, and remade the entire bed.  At this point in time, this was the most bizarre thing that could happen.  I just wanted to sleep.   

Finally I was able to pass out in a freshly made bed, this was better service than the world's largest Holiday Inn Express in downtown Nashville.  I woke up bright and early, rolled over to wake up what's-his-face, and requested a ride home, but not without a stop at Starbucks!  Made it home just in time to shower, throw on a Spartan t-shirt, catch pre-game festivities on ESPN and settle in for a day of college football.  And that folks, was the kick off to my Labor Day weekend, may sound a bit shady...but it was all in good fun, and frankly I blame it on the Jack.  


  1. You are ridiculous. I'm glad you made it home for Spartan Football!! Go Green!!!