Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday!

It may seem like all of my posts concern some off the wall antics, or revolve around someone who is a bit off their rocker, but honestly, that is all I come in contact with.  I don't know if I give off some sort of vibe that loudly screams "ALL CRAZIES, FOOLS, AND LUNATICS WELCOME HERE!"

I have every intention of posting something a bit more positive, I just have to wait for that to actually happen.  I really do wonder if people, and by people I mean heterosexuals, who use e-harmony, and actually pay for it, are able to find the true love of their life, or at least a decent dinner date within their first few matches.  I don't believe that it takes months and months, and matches and matches to come across someone who can hold a half-way decent conversation, but apparently for me it does.  My conversations always start out fairly tame, and I am never the one to make it sexually charged, but it goes from 0 to 60 in under a minute.  Some people just come right out of the gate with it, and waste no time at all.  Take for instance this pleasant email I received at roughly 5:15 this morning:

"would u consider becoming a guys spank buddy if you were in complete control and in complete charge?
to be able to spank a guys buns as red as u feel his buns should be? no body knows it would be just our secret, and discret.   but yet u will be in charge and i would have to do as u say and you can spank as long as u feel u need to, and visit u on regular times for you to turn my buns red."  

If that is not the way to start off a Monday morning, I am not sure what is.  Usually a cup of coffee does the trick for me, but an invitation to spank the hell out of someone works too I suppose.  I don't think anyone would talk like this on!  But I will never know if they do or not because I can't use e-harmony, and once again, I am not paying for it.  Maybe I will start taking up donations so I can afford a subscription to a dating site.  Anyone interested?

Why is gay dating so difficult?  Obviously I have had no problem tapping into the fetish scene, first a pseudo-vampire, and now spanking.  Sadly, neither of these are my niche.  Where is anyone who enjoys a brisk autumn Saturday full of football (specifically Michigan State Football) and cold beer?!

On a more positive note for my fellow hopeless romantics, it appears as though I will have another meeting with Silverado (please refer to Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder), more details will of course be provided once they become available.

Don't get me wrong, I always look forward to new emails in the hopes one of them could at least be a friend to watch football with, and frankly some of these fools provide at least a laugh or two.

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