Friday, September 10, 2010

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...

I am starting to notice a direct relationship between my level of compatibility with someone and the distance between us.  The higher the compatibility; the further away they live.

Meet Silverado (nicknamed based on his vehicle).   24 years old, Employed, College Education, and 90% Compatible (according to OkCupid).

We had a great date awhile back, including dinner and margaritas at my favorite Mexican cantina.  In my opinion, we could totally go start our wedding registry, and luckily, I have already reserved a date at the Michigan State Alumni Chapel.

By the way, when and if my big day ever comes, everything is already planned...I just need someone at the alter.  Picture it:  Michigan State Alumni Chapel, in the fall, Sparty making an appearance, 'Don't Stop Believing' being played by a string quartet.

As my luck would have it, there's a catch to this picture perfect situation.  Silverado lives 5 hours away.  Instead of us being well on our way to picking out an overpriced reclaimed barn wood dinning room table from Pottery Barn, we are left with the option of finagling a long distance relationship.  Apparently I can't attract anyone decent that lives in Nashville, or even Davidson least Silverado lives in the same state, although it is even a different time zone!  

My November 20th Challenge will be much more difficult if I have to resort to importing a date.

My latest OkCupid match considered the word 'crap' to be foul language.  I've been good about not typing it in the blog, but in person, I cuss like a sailor.  Clearly if 'crap' is bad, we having nothing else to talk about...especially if we are at a Michigan State Football game.  And when asked if I would rule out a potential match just because they don't drink, all I could think was...if they don't drink we probably aren't even friends, let alone potential lovers, and would have nothing in common.

I'd like to be with someone who is 90% compatible and can handle 90 proof alcohol, and frankly, every once and a damn while I like to have a fuckin' drink (more often than not!).


  1. I'm outdoorsy as in I like to drink outside! :)

  2. If he can't fuckin' handle some drinks, don't even think about bringing him to EL! Maybe we're such awesome bffl's bc we live 500 miles apart...

  3. Story of my life!
    The last 3 guys I've been romantically involved
    with now live in in england, one in russia and one in's kinda freaky...