Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Date Crasher.

I inadvertently crashed a date last night, and I did not even have to leave the comfort of my own attic.

I had been chatting with a match, and things were going surprisingly well.  There weren't any blatant sexual innuendos within the first 6 minutes, so that was a good sign.  The conversation was actually normal, just chatting about careers, travels, likes, dislikes, nothing really strange or out of the ordinary.  I noticed that our conversation had progressed through my Tuesday night shows, and we had actually been chatting for quite some time.  He mentioned possibly meeting up, and so far at this point, did not seem like the worst thing that could happen.  We could grab a coffee sometime or something along those lines.  I have been in plenty of conversations that give that 'ehhh' kinda feeling when a coffee/drink/dinner invitation is extended or even merely mentioned.  I was just figuring at some point in time, a Starbucks rendezvous could be arranged.

Well, this guy had a different plan in mind.  He was already out for the evening, and was inviting me to join him.  As it turns out, he was actually out on a first date and had been chatting from his phone almost the entire time.  Apparently the date he was currently on was quite dull, because there weren't any breaks in our conversation, or a hint to any sort of preoccupation he might have at the time, and obviously I had been the focus of his attention.  He wasn't inviting me out to join in on some sort of crazy 3-some, but rather as a means for his escape from his lame date, because I was more interesting.  What did people do before cell phone apps that allow you to find a new date while you're currently on one?  Did people actually have to sit through a miserable date, and just wait for it end?  I feel bad for whomever he was on a date with, because it doesn't seem like it went too well.  In my defense, I really had no idea he was a on a date, so I cannot be held responsible for this situation.  I am also left wondering if this was creepy/odd/shady.  I did not end up going out to pull him out of his date, mostly because it was getting kinda late, but it sure would have made for an interesting story!  

In other news, Silverado will be visiting the weekend of the Michigan State v. Michigan game.  I am interested to see how he can handle me, most likely drunk, watching the Spartans kick some Wolverine ass.  I'm sure it will be a good game, and frankly if he can handle this challenge, he may be a forerunner for the Birthday Extravaganza Roadtrip!

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